Roman Reigns Return Date Set For December

Roman Reigns Return Date Set For December

Roman Reigns is being advertised for the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble and is penciled in for a return to the ring in late December or early January.

According to a report from WrestleZone, Roman Reigns is now being advertised for the company’s holiday tour, which means that we could see the former leader of the Shield back in action before the 2015 calendar year hits.

It looks like Reigns might be healthy enough to return in time for WWE’s holiday tour as he is now being advertised for the December 26th WWE live event in Chicago and the December 28th live event in Pittsburgh. He’s scheduled to face Kane.

Reigns was scheduled to face Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in September, however he needed emergency hernia surgery just a few days before and has been out ever since. But should he be healthy enough, we could see the return happen before the new year hits.

This could also be a reason why we’ve seen more of the on-camera interviews with Reigns, like the one we saw this past Monday night, as the company wants to start easing him back into the fold, now that they know there’s a possibility he could be back sooner rather than later.