Robert Z’Dar : Cult Horror Actor dies, aged 64

Robert Z'Dar : Cult Horror Actor dies, aged 64

Robert Z’Dar, the cult-film actor best known for his work in the Maniac Cop series, died Monday at age 64 after being hospitalized in Pensacola, Fla.

Born Robert J. Zdarsky, the actor had over 120 film and TV credits according to IMDB. Many of his most famous roles were in cult classics, including three Maniac Cop films, Soultaker, and Samurai Cop.

Z’Dar also appeared in some more mainstream projects, including the movie Tango & Cash and the TV series Growing Pains. Comic book fans might also recall that he appeared in an episode of the first The Flash TV series in 1990.

Z’Dar was most recognizable because of his jutting jaw, and he was very active in attending horror and comic conventions.

According to reports, Z’Dar was hospitalized with chest pains during Pensacon, and appeared to be getting better, before going into cardiac arrest on Monday night.