Rob Gronkowski trying to stay positive through injuries – (News)

Rob Gronkowski trying to stay positive through injuries –

Rob Gronkowski doesn’t know if he’s playing this week or not — saying he’ll leave that to his coaches.

But he knows he’s not meeting his own standards.

The Patriots tight end as missed two of the last three games because of back and ankle injuries, and has been limited in practice in advance of Sunday’s game against the Titans.

“It’s been more challenging, just little obstacles in the way. It’s life. You have to take them on. That’s what I’m doing,” Gronkowski said, via Mike Reiss of “Just got to get back to where I need to be and just be myself when I get back, and it will all be good.”

He said he sees things “going strong in the future,” but his present hasn’t been very gratifying. He has just 29 catches for 448 yards and one touchdown this year.

“Just been dealing with some stuff, working the hardest I can every single day to get back to what I need to be back to,” he said. “The team is doing great. We have great guys around here, great teammates.

“I can’t wait, when I am back — whenever it is — to be back out there and give it all to my teammates, to the coaches. They’ve been great, and it’s always great working with them. The most important thing is to be contributing to the team and being out there with the boys. So it’s just working hard every single day, extra days, extra work, doing the best I can. Everything is going smooth, and we’ll just see what happens from here.”

That’s a lot of words to say not much, which makes it a lot like his contributions this year, as the Patriots have constantly had to adjust to different skill position personnel, via injuries and suspensions alike.