Rob Gronkowski dodges ‘deflated’ topic on ‘Family Feud’ – Watch

Rob Gronkowski dodges 'deflated' topic on 'Family Feud' - Watch

Rob Gronkowski and Co. have taped their episode of “Family Feud.” And while it won’t air until Sunday, June 21 at 8 p.m. ET, a few glimpses have popped up.

As has been noted already, Rob Gronkowski and his family appearing on “Family Feud” is probably the most fitting combination in recent TV history. The family and the show are made for each other, considering the general shenanigans of the Gronkowskis.

And we have our first glimpse of Rob Gronkowski on “Family Feud,” shown in a promo for the upcoming episode (which will air June 21st at 8 p.m.) Gronk beats his opponent to the buzzer about a question regarding “something that can be inflated or deflated.”

Inevitably, given the “Deflate-Gate” connotations, Gronkowski simply answers “I don’t even want this one.”

It obviously elicited laughter from the crowd, and makes for a nice teaser of how the entire episode will go (which, given the other quick clips included in the promo, predictably involves a good amount of Gronk-dancing).