Richard Sherman App : Seahawks’ Sherman debuts in-your-face word-game app

Updated: November 27, 2014
Richard Sherman App : Seahawks' Sherman debuts in-your-face word-game app

Richard Sherman Releases iPhone App, Seattle Seahawks star hops into the app industry with the release an iOS app, dubbed “Letters Of Boom.”

The app is described as “action-oriented word game” where players try to rearrange letters and spell words as fast as they can. Oh, and also stuff blows up.

“I’ve always loved word games, but there has never been anything out there that felt hard-hitting or extreme for me,” Sherman tells TMZ.

Sherman, himself, provided voice-work on the game, which also features an updated dictionary with words like “slang,” “swagger” and “picksix.”

The “Letters Of Boom” app is available now in the App Store.