Richard Shahan : Accused ex-pastor’s double life?

Richard Shahan : Accused ex-pastor's double life?

Richard Shahan : Is former pastor’s double life motive for murder?

New details about the murder of a former pastor’s wife have surfaced in his murder trial.

Prosecutors have released sexually explicit emails that they claim Richard Shahan sent to other men before his wife was murdered in Homewood.

The documents are a response to Shahan’s request for specific evidence that prosecutors plan to present at Shahan’s upcoming trial.

Shahan, 55, is accused of stabbing his wife, Sharen Shahan, to death at their Homewood residence on July 23, 2013.

Prosecutors argue that Shahan was leaving his wife to marry a man in Europe.

Shahan was an associate pastor at First Baptist Church of Birmingham before he tried, to leave the country, authorities said.

In the new court filing, prosecutors provide several excerpts from emails that Shahan sent to his male “paramours.”

The content in a handful of the messages are too explicit to detail here.

“I find myself thinking about and picturing myself packing up and leaving my life and moving to Scotland and the two of us living together for the rest of our lives,” Shahan writes in a Nov. 29, 2011, email.

Later, on Dec. 18, 2011, Shahan wrote to the same person: “If I could have a ‘do-over’ – if I could have met you 30 years ago and spent an entire lifetime in your arms, in your bed, in your heart, then I would be the happiest man on the entire earth.”

Prosecutors included text messages from Karen Shahan 17 months before her death, acknowledging her husband’s alternative relationship.

“I told him that he cannot keep both lives. That he will have to lose one of them. I said that if he was having any interactions that were not right before God that he should go to God and be completely honest with him because he knows anyway,” Karen Shahan wrote.

Prosecutors claim that one of Richard Shahan’s emails suggests that his wife’s death would be an answer to his prayers.

“There is only one way I could become legally ‘single’ and I have to wait until God grants me that gift. It will come; the woman I live with is slowly killing herself – she is diabetic and refuses to take care of herself physically. Her mother died early with

the same disease and did the same thing to her body. So I pray and wait. It will happen in God’s timing,” Richard Shahan wrote to a second friend on Feb. 6, 2012.

Shahan has pleaded not guilty to his wife’s murder.

Judge Laura Petro held a pretrial hearing in the case Thursday morning.

Shahan’s attorneys said they are disappointed that prosecutors released the emails.

“This case is going to be tried on fact, not on someone’s sexual orientation, not based on someone’s fidelity or infidelity in a marriage. That’s what lawyers and people are supposed to do,” Shahan’s attorney, John Lentine, argued.