Reynaldo Rey : White Men Can’t Jump star dead following a stroke

Reynaldo Rey : White Men Can't Jump star dead following a stroke

Reynaldo Rey died early Thursday in Los Angeles from complications related to a stroke suffered last year. He was 75.

Reynaldo Rey regularly worked in movies from the 1989 classic Harlem Nights right through until 2012 – even starring alongside Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes in White Men Can’t jump and Ice Cube and Chris Tucker in Friday.

The actor also made appearances in Chris Rock’s series Everybody Hates Chris, The Bernie Mac Show and The Wayans Bros.

TMZ reported that he passed away in hospital, after checking in for treatment, with his wife by his side.

Starting his career as a stand up comedian, Rey opened for legendary comic Redd Foxx (Sanford and Son) for 18 years, with Foxx managing Rey for 12 years.