Report- WWE news: Carmella reveals how Evolution changed women’s wrestling forever | WWE | Sport

WWE news: Carmella reveals how Evolution changed women's wrestling forever | WWE | Sport

The ex-Smackdown Women’s Champion took part in the historic event last month at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in New York.

She was joined by some of WWE’s biggest superstars, such as RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair and many more.

The show’s prestige also convinced some of the greatest female competitors of all time, like Trish Stratus and Lita, to come back for one more match.

The inaugural event was put together three years after the Women’s Evolution kicked off and saw WWE’s female competitors move from the sidelines and making their way to the main event.

Women started headlining Pay-Per-Views, such as Hell in a Cell, and taking part in traditionally male-dominated bouts, like Elimination Chamber and Royal Rumble Matches.

Carmella won the first ever women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match last year and pointed out that a few years ago everyone was shocked upon hearing that female wrestlers will headline a show.

But now, especially after Evolution, those kind of things have become the norm and The Princess of Staten Island is confident this can go on forever as there are probably no limits to the Women’s Evolution.

Carmella told Express Sport: “It was such an incredible day, just being backstage [with] all the women [at Evolution].

“Everyone was just brought together for this historic event which I was so honoured to be a part of.

“I don’t want to say we’re in the middle of this Women’s Evolution anymore because I don’t even know if there’s a cap on this evolution that the women are part of right now.

“I just feel so lucky and fortunate to be a part of all these ‘first evers’.

“And now it’s getting to a point where we don’t even have to say the ‘first ever’ or anything like that because it’s just become the norm.

“Before it was, ‘Oh my gosh, the women are the main event of Smackdown tonight’. And now it’s, ‘The women are the main event’.

“So I just feel very fortunate to be in the midst of all of it.”

Carmella competed in the Women’s No1 Contender Battle Royal at Evolution which was won by Nia Jax.