Report- Sebastian Vettel: What Ferrari man said when asked about Brazilian GP qualifying incident | F1 | Sport

Sebastian Vettel: What Ferrari man said when asked about Brazilian GP qualifying incident | F1 | Sport

Vettel was in action at Interlagos on Saturday as he looked to lay down a marker for his rivals ahead of Sunday’s race.

But he was frustrated when he was called in to have his Ferrari car weighed as rain started to fall.

Sebastian Vettel was eager to get his tyres changed so he could record his quickest lap while the track was still reasonably dry.

But in his rush to leave the weigh-in area he broke the scales, leading to a stewards investigation.

Vettel ultimately came out of the meeting smiling having only been handed a £22,000 (€25,000) fine.

And that came after he had given a couple of cagey responses when asked about the incident having qualified in second.

“I think it’s better if I don’t say anything…” Vettel said, when asked what he had to say about the episode.

“They shouldn’t call us, because when the conditions are changing like that I think it’s unfair if somebody gets called in and yeah, I wanted them to hurry up.”

Vettel was even more prickly when he was pushed further on what happened from his perspective.

“No, I don’t want to talk through,” four-time F1 champion Vettel added.

“I think it’s pretty clear what happened, so.

“I think we do qualifying, we should talk about qualifying.”

Vettel was pleased with his qualifying performance though, which will see him start the race just behind pole-sitter Lewis Hamilton.

“Pretty good,” Vettel said, when asked how he felt the session went. “I think it was fun.

“I think the track was good, as Lewis said, and obviously very close.

“I had a good start to my final attempt but yeah, tried a little bit too hard probably, going into Turn Eight in the middle sector and locked the front and then lost a little bit the rhythm.

“Tried something special in the last corner, didn’t work so… yeah. All in all pretty happy.

“I think we got the car where it is happiest, and the balance was good in qualifying throughout, so we’ll see.

“We’ll start with a different tyre [on Sunday]. Maybe that can make a difference.”

The Brazilian Grand Prix is the penultimate race of the season with the finale coming in Abu Dhabi in two weeks.