Report- Roger Federer: Trainer reveals why Novak Djokovic now has edge over tennis legend | Tennis | Sport

Roger Federer: Trainer reveals why Novak Djokovic now has edge over tennis legend | Tennis | Sport

Djokovic defeated his old rival at the Paris Masters last week.

Vajda says Djokovic always ups the ante against the Swiss.

However, he claims the 31-year-old has also become increasingly controlled as he’s got older.

“Federer’s return made (Novak?) increase his level,” Vajda explained.

“Novak was courageous, he went all in all the time.

“He did not get carried away by his emotions.

“Before, he could have some up and down.

“I think he has less now. He is more mature.

“There are more qualities in his game.”

In a cheeky snub to Djokovic, Federer recently said he would support Rafael Nadal if he was a young tennis fan.

“He is exciting, energetic, the ideal guy for young guys,” Federer explained.

“I appreciate both of them a lot, they play an unbelievably physical tennis, they are younger than me but I feel better physically than how I was doing at 20 years. I keep what I have.

“I would definitely like to have those powerful serves, you launch the ball and the point is ended, like Karlovic or Isner, or maybe Edberg’s volley because I always loved volleying players.”

The Swiss is one of the most decorated sportsmen in the world.

However, at 37-year-old’s he powers might be on the wane.

Federer faces a tough battle against Kevin Anderson, Dominic Thiem and Kei Nishikori at the ATP Finals next week.

Thiem made his first Grand Slam final at the French Open this year where he lost to Nadal.

He has played at the ATP Finals twice before but has an underwhelming record of two wins and four losses

“I’ve learned a lot in each of the past two years and it’s such a great event‚ with so many spectators and every session is sold out‚ which is absolutely amazing‚” said Thiem.

“I’ve learned that I need to be 100 percent from the very first ball. You don’t get any presents when you’re playing against the top eight.

“I’ve had another great year and qualified for London‚ which remains a top priority at the start of each season.

“It means I’ve been really consistent‚ so I’m happy to be back again. I want to finish the year on a high and to take the lessons I’ve learned into 2019.”