Report- NFL news: Packers Aaron Rodgers isn’t a good fit for Josh McDaniels | Other | Sport

NFL news: Packers Aaron Rodgers isn't a good fit for Josh McDaniels | Other | Sport

This is the view of former New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi.

The Packers are looking for a new head coach, after they sacked Mike McCarthy following an embarrassing 17-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals last week.

Patriots offensive coordinator McDaniels has been tipped as a likely candidate to take over, since proving his credentials, working with quarterback Tom Brady.

However, Bruschi has doubts about the suitability of a Rodgers/McDaniels partnership.

“Josh McDaniels may be the best thing for Aaron Rodgers in terms of giving him a system that he can trust, but I don’t think Aaron Rodgers wants that,” Tedy Bruschi said.

“Aaron Rodgers wants the power in terms of ‘I want to be able to do what I want to do and turn this play, whatever you call, into whatever play I turn it into and that’s my best skill.’

“But that skill is running out for him.

“You got to bring in a coach and the first question you ask is, ‘Alright you and Aaron, do you think you’d get along?’

“And a lot of coaches are going to say, ‘Yeah, yeah we’ll get along. I love Aaron Rodgers,’ and all this and all that.

“But once you start calling plays, things change.”

McDaniels has already passed up the Indianapolis Colts job in the offseason and is now in his 18th season with the New England franchise.

In the off-season McDaniels was clear about his desire to be a head coach at some point in the future.

“Those things are not easy decisions to make,” McDaniels said back in May.

“You know, there’s a lot that goes into those things. It can be very complicated.

“I’ll say this, I’ve stated again and again that I definitely want to be a head coach again.

“At the same time, I love being here. This is where my kids were born and raised.

“We’ve made a pretty special life here and that’s not an easy thing to leave. There’s a lot to consider.”