Report- NBA news: LeBron James pushing for trade, shock Lakers offer, Kevin Durant slammed | Other | Sport

NBA news: LeBron James pushing for trade, shock Lakers offer, Kevin Durant slammed | Other | Sport

LeBron James wants Carmelo Anthony at Lakers

LeBron James is keen to link up with his old friend Carmelo Anthony at the Los Angeles Lakers, The Athletic claim.

They say James feels Anthony would be the perfect fit for the Lakers – who need shooters.

Anthony, who parted ways with the Houston Rockets last month, could be open to linking up with James.

The 34-year-old could be a possible replacement for Michael Beasley, who has struggled to find form with the Lakers after signing in the summer.

Lakers make John Wall offer

The Lakers have offered up three players to the Washington Wizards in hope of signing John Wall.

Wizards website Bullets Forever claim Lonzo Ball, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and either Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart or Kyle Kuzma could be included.

“Source No 1, a current NBA agent, surprised me by saying the story was true,” Bullets Forever claimed.

“The source said it’s something Rich Paul – agent to LeBron James and, as of January 2016, John Wall – was orchestrating.

“But, according to this source, the Wizards were saying no.

“I was still dubious, so I checked with Source No 2, another current NBA agent who’s at least as dialled in as Source No 1.

“Source No 2 said the rumour is true. This source said Ball and Caldwell-Pope were definitely in the deal, but that there was still discussion whether the third player would be Ingram, Josh Hart, or Kyle Kuzma.

“While the boundaries of the deal were defined, details still had to be finalised, and the whole thing could still fall apart.

“So, I went outside the agent network, and asked Source No 3: someone who works in an unrelated industry but has long-standing connections to Rich Paul and LeBron James.

“Source No 3 said Paul was trying to get Wall traded to the Lakers and that the Wizards would do it if Paul could get Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka on board.

“But, Source No 3 warned, it wouldn’t be easy, because the Lakers like their youngsters.

“Source No 3 added the nugget that Paul was working on trades to put talent around James because of fears that younger free agents “don’t want to play with LeBron anymore.”

Kevin Durant slammed

Kevin Durant has been labelled jealous of LeBron James following his ‘toxic’ comments about the environment surrounding the Lakers star.

NBA pundit Jalen Rose said: “This is a classic example for hating.

“LeBron James is his man. They worked out together, top players in the game, have a good kinship.

“And for you to say that playing with him creates that level of environment, it sounds like he is poisoning the well for other players like Anthony Davis when he becomes a free agent. Or Kawhi Leonard when he becomes a free agent.

“Trying to plant a seed of doubt for other players to play with LeBron when he did the exact say thing. I’m mind boggled that he was able to say this and with a straight face.

“It’s a little bit of sneak dissing. A little bit of hating.

“And sounds somewhat jealous when you talk about the word toxic as it relates to an environment that features LeBron James.

“I’m really surprised he went there because they seem to have a really good relationship. The cusp of what he said sounds a little bit like jealousy of LeBron James.”