Report- LeBron James: Lakers star should DITCH Carmelo Anthony trade for THIS player | Other | Sport

LeBron James: Lakers star should DITCH Carmelo Anthony trade for THIS player | Other | Sport

That is according to FOX Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe.

Anthony becomes a free agent on December 15, after which he can be signed by any NBA franchise.

The small forward, who is a 10-time NBA All-Star, has an impressive CV but has depreciated in value over the last two seasons.

After fleeing the New York Knicks in 2017, Anthony joined the impressive Oklahoma City Thunder roster, but posted his worst points average (16.2) in his 15-year career.

A summer trade to the Houston Rockets, who ran the Golden State Warriors close in last campaign’s Western Conference finals, followed but Anthony has not settled well in Texas.

The 34-year-old will mutually part ways with the franchise after a string of poor performances, but James is interested in recruiting his friend for the Los Angeles Lakers, according to The Athletic.

Sharpe believes that James has missed a trick in allowing former Cleveland Cavaliers team-mate join Utah Jazz, however.

“You hear KD [Kevin Durant] say: ‘Melo can still play.’ Dwayne Wade says it, and then LeBron says it. But where? For who?” Sharpe said on Undisputed.

“If LeBron really wanted someone, he should’ve traded for Kyle Korver. Kyle Korver will fit more for what the Lakers need and can use than Carmelo.

“And if you bring Carmelo… I thought you were trying to develop the young players?

“Who the hell you gonna move? He’s gonna be cutting somebody’s minutes.”

James is seven months Anthony’s junior, and Sharpe believes it is hard for the latter to accept his depreciation.

“Melo’s been on the decline for five years, and I don’t care how good you are – there will come a time when no one will want you,” the pundit added.

“As great as LeBron is, there’s going to come a time when no team wants LeBron.

“The process just sped up for Melo. Melo’s looking at it like: ‘Wait a minute, I came in with LeBron. How’s he still the best player in the world and nobody wants me?’

“Maybe LeBron devoted more of his time, maybe he had more God-given ability, he worked harder to stay at that level than Melo did.”