Report- LeBron James Lakers move to crumble – NBA star’s ‘kryptonite’ revealed | Other | Sport

LeBron James Lakers move to crumble - NBA star's 'kryptonite' revealed | Other | Sport

LeBron James decided to join the Los Angeles Lakers this summer during his free agency, signing a four-year deal with the franchise.

The most marketable brand in the NBA, the Lakers were willing to pay out £118million ($153m) to secure the power forward’s services.

In joining Magic Johnson’s Lakers, James snubbed offers from across America, chiefly from the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers.

But it is another – relatively inconspicuous franchise – which could prove to be the kryptonite of James in the coming seasons.

At least that is the opinion of Cain, who believes the LA Clippers are a fertile farm just waiting for harvest.

The Clippers owner is former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who boasts the deepest pockets in the league of men in his position.

In a recent Bleach Report article looking into the franchise, Howard Beck reveals the words of a rival executive, saying: “[The Clippers are] the most attractive free-agent situation of all of them.

“None of the available free agents want to be LeBron’s caddy.

“And they can become the greatest player in the history of a franchise in an unbelievable market with the wealthiest owner in the league. Why would that not thrill you?”

In the next off-season, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson will all be free agents.

Cain argues that any one of those players could build a legacy and create a dynasty at the Clippers which could overshadow James’ in the same city.

“For some time we’ve speculated: ‘Who will be the second superstar to join LeBron James at the Los Angeles Lakers?’” Cain began.

“It seems to be assumed – that’s part of the recipe, part of the process for the Lakers.

“Then once you get LeBron, then with your cap space you have that ability to attract that second free agent.

“And then… As the dominos fall, down go the Golden State Warriors. But as we learn more, we realise not everybody wants to play with LeBron.

“And it looks like the Los Angeles Clippers might have the kryptonite… They might have the code to take down LeBron, to deny the Lakers process.”