Report- LeBron James: Kevin Durant is ‘jealous’ of Lakers star – expert makes big claim | Other | Sport

LeBron James: Kevin Durant is 'jealous' of Lakers star - expert makes big claim | Other | Sport

That is the view of NBA expert Chris Broussard.

Durant made comments about LeBron James earlier this week, stating that it was ‘toxic’ to be playing with him, largely down to the media ‘fawning’ over him.

When James was asked about the comments, he was reluctant to respond and said that he wanted to know the full context of the comments.

Broussard spoke to Colin Cowherd on The Herd about Durant’s comments.

“I think Kevin Durant wanted to be critical of LeBron,” he said.

“But he wanted to hide behind criticising the media.

“If that atmosphere around LeBron is toxic, it’s because the franchise bends to LeBron’s will – whether it’s the owner or the president or the coach – they have to answer to some degree to LeBron.

“If it’s toxic, that’s why, it’s not because of the media.”

This is not the first time in the last few years that Durant has been involve in controversy with the media.

Last year he was found to have created fake Twitter accounts in which he would respond to fans who criticised his move to the Golden State Warriors.

His move to the Warriors has been described as weak by fans and pundits alike since he made the switch back in 2016.

Broussard mentioned jealousy as a possible motive for Durant’s comments.

“A lot of it came from jealousy, because he feels the media doesn’t give him a fair shake,” he added.

“The reason KD get’s criticised by the media is for what? Having a burner [Twitter] account, telling a fan to shut the heck up at a game, those are the things you’re getting criticised for.”


LeBron was asked about the comments after a brilliant performance against the San Antonio Spurs in which he scored 42 points and the Lakers won 121-113.

The performance was described as Michael Jordan-esque by Broussard.

“The way he played last night, it reminded me of some of the games Michael Jordan used to play,” he said.

“In the first three quarters, Jordan would get everybody involved, let them do their thing, let them score – he would score his points but he would take a step back.

“But in the fourth quarter he would take over, and that’s what LeBron did.”