Report- Kawhi Leonard makes bold Toronto Raptors claim which will make NBA rivals quiver | Other | Sport

Kawhi Leonard makes bold Toronto Raptors claim which will make NBA rivals quiver | Other | Sport

The Raptors have won all but one of their 12 NBA games so far this season, their sole loss coming at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks before the turn of the month.

The Eastern Conference side’s start to the new campaign is a marked improvement on their opening run last season, in which they lost five of their first 12 matches.

New arrival Leonard has been a key factor in the team’s imperious form but believes their best has yet to come.

“We have a lot of potential, I think we can still get better – this isn’t our ceiling,” Leonard told the media after the Raptors’ 114-105 win over the Sacramento Kings.

“With me not even knowing some of the offence, we have Kyle (Lowry) in the game most of the time and he’s controlling the ball and most of the tempo.

“I feel like once I start learning the offence I could even give him a little break and let him get some easier shots even though he’s playing well.”

Like Leonard, Lowry has also played a pivotal role in the Raptors’ success so far this season.

And although he’s only been at the Scotiabank Arena for a few months, Leonard believes that he’s developed a chemistry with the Philadelphia native.

“He’s leading us to victories, some of it is me – I don’t really know the offence in and out yet so with that we have potential,” Leonard said of Lowry.

“Some of our defence(s) as well I feel like we could talk more, rotations you could see the miscues out there with me and Kyle or other guys on the floor and just our chemistry.

“I just feel like we’ll get better with chemistry.”

Raptors chief Nick Nurse has been thoroughly impressed by Leonard since he joined his side, in particular his leadership his qualities.

“The biggest think about him is he’s a quiet leader,” Nurse said of Leonard before the start of the regular season. “He knows what team chemistry is about, he knows that he’s one of the best players on the team and that he can help younger players.

“Or he can pull in guys into a situation that need pulling into and giving them a quiet word here or there.

“He’s been amazing from that standpoint from his work ethic and his coach-ability as well as his leadership ability, it’s been great.”

Leonard and his Raptors team-mates will be back in action on Saturday night when they welcome the New York Knicks to The Big Smoke.