Report- ‘Danny Welbeck may never play football again’: DEVASTATING verdict after Arsenal injury | Football | Sport

‘Danny Welbeck may never play football again’: DEVASTATING verdict after Arsenal injury | Football | Sport

Welbeck required lengthy treatment and oxygen on the Emirates pitch after landing awkwardly when he had gone up for a header in the Sporting box.

And he was carried off on a stretcher with his leg heavily strapped before being rushed to hospital to assess the damage properly.

Graphic images of the moment Welbeck fell to the turf and his leg bucked under him circulated on social media leading Arsenal fans to fear the worst.

And Wilson, who holds multiple degrees in sports medicine and has worked for three football clubs, provided a devastating verdict on the potential severity of the injury the England international suffered.

“Injury to #Welbeck. Possible fracture dislocation of ankle which could [be] career ending,” Wilson wrote on Twitter.

“Structures within the ankle which could [be] injured [are] the medial, lateral, anterior & posterior ligaments, tibia, fibula & talus bones as well as chondral surfaces. Will need [to be] imaged #AFC.”

Wilson then went into detail on the specific tests Arsenal doctors will conduct to assess Welbeck’s injury.

“X-ray will [be] used as 1st line of imaging [to] assess integrity of bones: tibia, fibula, talus, calcaneous & other smaller bones in foot especially – 5th [metatarsal]!” Wilson wrote.

“He will also [have an] MRI within next 24-48 hrs [to] assess soft tissue structures such as ligaments muscles tendons & chondral surface.”

Wilson added: “High velocity impact and landing from a height – the forces involved can be comparable to a road traffic collision.”

Welbeck’s Arsenal team-mates were visibly shaken by seeing the forward in so much agony.

And Unai Emery revealed they were quick to seek out an update on his condition after the full-time whistle.

“When a player has an injury like that the players look and in your mind you feel for the player,” Emery said.

“Then the players concentrated on the match and we forgot.

“When we finished the match the first thing was to ask about him.”

Welbeck’s injury means he is definitely out of England’s squad to face the USA and Croatia next week.

Arsenal play their final match before the international break when they take on Wolves on Sunday.