Report- Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers calls for major change to be made in Scotland | Football | Sport

Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers calls for major change to be made in Scotland | Football | Sport

There have been a significant number of referee errors in high-profile matches in recent weeks and Rodgers has had enough.

He has seen the Premier League opt for VAR – it comes into play next year – and he wants Scotland to follow suit.

“I’m sure it would help,” he said. “It comes into the Premier League in England next year.

“If it helps referees in certain situations then it has to be of benefit without making everything totally technological.

“We have to allow mistakes to be made. I make them as a manager and sometimes you have to take it because it helps you grow; there is an argument for that.

“The other side of the problem can be sometimes that, while it absolutely makes for debates, people lose their jobs as a result of these mistakes: it’s people’s livelihoods.

“Football is an incredible game and a big part of it is debating what happened during games but you want to be talking football more so than poor decisions.

“That is where I would see the benefits. If it helps them make a decision that is clear then surely that also helps the game.


“It’s better than having them make a blatant mistake which they have to live with and leads to them being heavily criticised.”

Celtic host table-topping Kilmarnock today, who are a point above them in the SPL table.

Rodgers’ side have two games in hand but the boss has backed them to mount a sustained title challenge.

“Well, why not?” he asked. “That’s what they will think themselves if they can continue with that kind of consistency.

“I think that when there are just ten games to go you look closer at it because then there’s a different pressure with everything else that comes into play, which is totally different and new if you haven’t been in that situation before.

“But you can’t argue with what Kilmarnock have done over a sustained period, which has been absolutely brilliant.”