Report- Arsenal news: Welbeck ‘may never play again’, Lacazette snub explained, Aubameyang praise | Football | Sport

Arsenal news: Welbeck ‘may never play again’, Lacazette snub explained, Aubameyang praise | Football | Sport

Arsenal drew 0-0 with Sporting Lisbon in the Europa League on Thursday to seal their passage to the knockout stages of the competition.

However, the night was marred by an injury to Danny Welbeck. The England international, who has risen to the fore in recent times, was stretched off with images suggesting his ankle may be broken.

In other news, Alexandre Lacazette’s France snub has been explained. French pundit Pierre Menes believes that is because Didier Deschamps, simply put, does not like him.

And Martin Keown has lauded Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. So read on for all your latest Arsenal news.

Welbeck ‘may never play again’

It has been claimed Welbeck may never play football again, with medical expert Johnny Wilson fearing the worst for the Arsenal forward.

Wilson, who holds multiple degrees in sports medicine and has worked for three football clubs, said on Twitter: “Injury to #Welbeck. Possible fracture dislocation of ankle which could [be] career ending.

“Structures within the ankle which could [be] injured [are] the medial, lateral, anterior & posterior ligaments, tibia, fibula & talus bones as well as chondral surfaces. Will need [to be] imaged #AFC.”

On the tests Arsenal doctors may conduct, he added: “X-ray will [be] used as 1st line of imaging [to] assess integrity of bones: tibia, fibula, talus, calcaneous & other smaller bones in foot especially – 5th [metatarsal].

“He will also [have an] MRI within next 24-48 hrs [to] assess soft tissue structures such as ligaments muscles tendons & chondral surface.”

Lacazette snub explained

Lacaztte has missed out on the latest France squad because Deschamps does not like the Arsenal forward, pundit Menes has claimed.

He said: “There is always the case of Olivier Giroud, who did not score in both (international) meetings.

“Although I enjoyed his activity against the Germans, he is never dangerous and does not create opportunities. If Giroud is obviously useful to the game of the team of France, the reciprocal is unfortunately not true for him. He remains a basic man in Deschamps’ highly defensive system, but he is not eternal either.

“An Alexandre Lacazette or a Wissam Ben Yedder deserve to be included in the group.

“But Deschamps, who has never enjoyed the former Lyon now Gunner forward, is stubborn.”

Aubameyang praise

Aubameyang has the same amount of talent as Arsenal icon Thierry Henry, Keown has claimed.

The BT Sport criticised him for his poor showing against Sporting but said: “He is the closest thing to Thierry Henry that I have seen since he left the club, he really is that good.

“Someone in his camp should be pushing him on, dragging that performance out of him because he is a special talent, he scores lots of goals and it’s just a hunger get him to boiling point.

“I don’t think he was there tonight.”