Report- Amir Khan EXCLUSIVE: Bolton boxer issues Kell Brook ultimatum ahead of rumoured fight | Boxing | Sport

Amir Khan EXCLUSIVE: Bolton boxer issues Kell Brook ultimatum ahead of rumoured fight | Boxing | Sport

British boxing fans have demanded a fight between Khan and Brook for over five years, and the pair finally engaged in serious negotiations this autumn.

Talks stalled partly due to Khan’s insistence on a rehydration clause, however, which would mean neither fighter could put on more than 10lb from the weigh-in to fight night.

Brook reluctantly agreed to drop from super welterweight (154lb) to welterweight (147lb) in order to make the fight, but the rehydration clause was a step too far, in the Yorkshireman’s opinion.

Khan has revealed that he will not budge on the stipulation, though, which could put the fight in jeopardy.

“I’m staying firm because I’m a 147 fighter. Other names put out there for me are 147 fighters. I can fight them,” Khan told Express Sport.

“Why should I fight someone who’s a lot heavier than me? Even when he rehydrates he’ll be a lot bigger than me, so I’d be giving all this away.

“He’s getting the most paid money he’s ever going to get in any fight.”

Khan suggests that the domestic match-up could generate up to £20million “if it’s promoted right”.

“Crawford has the pound-for-pound title and I’ve got that fight right in front of me,” Khan told Express Sport.

“So I want to take that one. It’s either that or the Kell Brook fight.”

“The Kell Brook fight is always going to be there – he’s not going to go anywhere. If I don’t fight Crawford, Crawford won’t be there again.

“That pound-for-pound title might not be there again. The world title might not be there again. There is so much in one fight.”

Hearn has warned his valuable welterweight to not hedge his bets, however, and told iFL TV that Khan cannot pick and choose when he fights Brook.

“I think [Khan] thinks that if he was to lose to Crawford, that he could fight Kell Brook,” Hearn said.

“Let me make one thing clear, that ain’t happening. If he don’t fight Kell Brook next – that fight will never happen.”

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