Regina : Riders get Google Transit, heated bus shelters

Updated: January 24, 2015
Regina : Riders get Google Transit, heated bus shelters

Many people would say one of the biggest problem with taking the bus in Saskatchewan is waiting outside in the cold, but the City of Regina aims to fix that with heated bus shelters.

The west-bound stops at Lorne and Cornwall Streets and the east-bound stops at Lorne and Scarth Streets will be the hot-spots for transit users.

Transit riders waiting for their bus will be able to activate radiant heaters in the shelter by pushing a button.

Once activated, the heat stays on for about five minutes.

These are the first heated shelters in Saskatchewan and will be tested for a year before council considers installing more throughout the city.

The City has also announced Google Maps Trip Planner will replace the current Trip Planner to provide better services to transit users.

This won’t affect the TransitLive tool.
TransitLive helps customers see where the bus is at any moment to minimize wait times at bus stops.

Google Maps transit is a planning tool to help customers know which route to take.