Reggie Watts Late Late Show : Comedian Will Be James Corden’s ‘Late Late’ Band Leader

Reggie Watts Late Late Show : Comedian Will Be James Corden's 'Late Late' Band Leader

Reggie Watts Will Be the ‘Late Late Show”s Bandleader, Seattle hometown hero has just been named the bandleader for the CBS Late Late Show with host James Corden, who will take over in March.

Reggie Watts currently serves as bandleader for Comedy Bang! Bang!, which airs once a week on IFC. He also regularly puts out new music and tours across the country. In joining CBS for the four-day-a-week gig, Reggie Watts will no doubt look to The Roots and Fred Armisen as examples of well-known talent who have successfully managed to juggle being a professional touring artist as well as a TV band leader.

Undoubtedly, Reggie Watts’ connections to the music world should also aid in booking musicians who may be unfamiliar with Corden.

Below, watch Reggie Watts in all his glory.