Recruit lifts 515 pounds – Watch : Texas target deadlifts a crazy amount, teammates go wild

Recruit lifts 515 pounds - Watch : Texas target deadlifts a crazy amount, teammates go wild

High school football recruit deadlifts more than quarter-ton.

Arlington Bowie offensive lineman Tope Imade flexed his muscles — literally — in his high school weight room last week as he set a new school record with a 515-pound deadlift.

The video of the lift, which is going viral today.

The previous record of 500 pounds was held by 2015 offensive tackle Madison Akamnonu, who signed with Texas Tech last month.

Imade is rated as the No. 48 guard in the country and No. 128 overall prospect in the state, according to 247Sports Composite.

  • Jason

    First off 515 lbs is not even close to a “crazy amount” even for a high school kid especially considering how much he weighs. Add the fact that he bounced the weight up his legs and it’s not even worthy of a video but I guess I just commented on it so MSN’s over dramatization got me again.

    • Dennis Clouthier

      Jason, how much could YOU lift when you were in high school? And be honest.
      One more question; would you rather he be out doing drugs? I commend and respect this young person for being committed to sports and to having accomplished what he has. He deserves our praise, not our criticism.

      • Jason

        I would agree with your sentiment about this kid and his effort. I guess I was commenting on the headline about it being a crazy amount. As for your question in high school I pulled 495 at around 185 lbs. Currently I compete in powerlifting and my best deadlift is 680 at 242 lb class which still isn’t a crazy amount in my weight class and this kid is at least 290 lbs. I wish this kid all the luck and hope he goes far, just didn’t think this video was worth a post. Obviously I was wrong.

      • Ryan Gray

        THIS IS A JOKE WISCONSIN POWERLIFTING STATE IS THIS WEEKEND AND THERE WILL BE KIDS PULLING 600 plus weighing sub 150s……. I dont know how this made it on here

  • wink1026

    In the Military in 70 I was up to 600lbs

    • Guest

      Nice. I pulled around 675 when I turned 16, I had worked up to it about 6 months. It was nice to get it but damn as you get older you start to recognize what it does to your back.

  • wink1026

    Gforce you are so right man

  • D.C.J.

    Those were the days. And these kids had better enjoy & cherish them. Now at 54 I lift light sissy weight at my gym. To afraid of tearing another muscle.

  • Kristine Nugent

    Big fat hairy deal. I deadlifted 500 lbs. when I weighed only 140 lbs. in 1994.