Real Life Thor’s Hammer Can’t Be Lifted “Watch”

Updated: October 15, 2015
Real Life Thor's Hammer Can't Be Lifted - Watch

Thor’s hammer is real! They say only the one with the fingerprints of Thor can lift Mjolnir, his infamous hammer.

Not happy living in Thor’s sizeable shadow, YouTuber and electrical engineer Allen Pan has given two fingers to Chris Hemsworth’s character and created his own version of the Mjolnir hammer that only he can lift – yes, really.

Now, sadly, Pan’s not the illegitimate love child of Odin, just a regular dude with the ability to lift the unfathomably heavy.

OK, not really. But he does have a pretty good grasp of electromagnets, fingerprint scanners and how to join them together to baffle passersby and make himself the only one who is truly ‘worthy’.

Watch the real-world Thor’s hammer baffle the public below.