Ravens have most compensatory picks in history – (News)

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The NFL has awarded compensatory picks since 1994. No team has more than the Ravens have all-time and by a wide margin.

The Ravens have received 50 extra choices in history, which means losing more or better compensatory free agents (CFA) than it acquired the previous year based on a formula using salary, playing time and postseason honors.

The Ravens received one compensatory pick this year, but it’s a third-round choice (No. 102 overall). They lost Mike Wallace, Ryan Jensen and Benjamin Watson as compensatory free agents, while signing John Brown.

The Cowboys and Packers tie for second with 42 all-time compensatory picks. The Patriots have 39, the Rams 36 and the Bengals 35.

The Saints have received the fewest — only 10 — in the history of compensatory picks, with the Browns ranking 31st with 13 and the Jets 30th with 14.