Ravens coordinator says Patrick Mahomes is like Joe Montana – (News)

Ravens coordinator says Patrick Mahomes is like Joe Montana –

Having already compared Browns rookie Baker Mayfield to John Elway and Brett Favre earlier this year, Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale had more high praise for another young quarterback.

Ahead of this week’s game against the Chiefs, Martindale said Patrick Mahomes reminded him of another quarterback who passed through Kansas City.

“I think Mahomes is [Joe] Montana — I’m talking about the San Francisco Montana and not the Kansas City Montana,” Martindale said, via Jamison Hemsley of ESPN.com. “I think how everything is cyclical and history repeats itself. I think you’re seeing that combination between Andy [Reid] and Mahomes of Montana and Bill Walsh. I really do.”

(Gee, it’s almost like he’s just buttering them up. Maybe next week when they play the Buccaneers he’ll say Jameis Winston reminds him of Vinny Testaverde, which now that you mention it. . . .)

Mahomes is certainly having an impressive season, with 41 touchdown passes.

That puts him 232 touchdowns, four Super Bowl rings, three Super Bowl MVPs, two league MVP awards and one gold jacket behind Montana.

So year, they’re basically the same guy.

“He’s wise beyond his years, the way he controls the line of scrimmage, the way he checks, the audibles, snap count, the way he moves the safeties with his looks and his dropbacks,” Ravens safety Eric Weddle said. “[I’m] obviously impressed with what I’ve seen, and it’s exciting for me to go out there and try to make him mess up with what I can do and maybe force him into some throws he wouldn’t want to do.”

Of course, the Ravens have been pretty impressive this year in their own right, practically a modern version of the 1985 Bears. Or something.