Rashad Jennings apologizes to Eli Manning for throwing him ‘under bus’

Rashad Jennings apologizes to Eli Manning for throwing him under bus

New York Giants running back Rashad Jennings apologized to Eli Manning after throwing him under the bus over the confusion at the end of the team’s Sunday night loss to the Dallas Cowboys and committing a big NFL no-no.

“First of all, let me say that I want to apologize from my heart for the negative light that I unintentionally cast my quarterback and friend Eli Manning in. I continue to have the utmost respect for him, and I have complete trust in his leadership. It is a strange and unwelcome feeling I have that after all these years as a professional football player, I finally get to experience the other side of how words can be misconstrued.

“I see now how what I said could easily be misunderstood as an expression of resentment. I make no claims to be a perfect communicator. But I also assure that I had no ill will at all in stating what I did. Yet, I admit in retrospect that I should not have shared that information with the world. I chose to do so, and for that choice, I am truly sorry.”

Jennings is a class act, and this was a class move on his part. What matters for the Giants going forward is, as defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins indicated earlier in the week, how the Giants respond:

“We just have to rally together and stay behind each other and get through this together,” Jenkins said.

The Giants are 0-1, and while they lost in excruciating fashion 0-1 is exactly what almost everyone figured they would be right now. What the Giants need to do is not let Sunday’s meltdown fester and ruin their season. Jennings’ apology is a good step in that direction.