Rams, Patriots both receive two third-round compensatory picks – (News)

Rams, Patriots both receive two third-round compensatory picks –

The NFL awarded compensatory draft picks Friday, and the Patriots and Rams both received two third-round picks.

The Super Bowl teams will have extra picks to reload this offseason.

The Patriots’ third-round choices are No. 97 overall and 101 overall. The Rams’ third-round choices are No. 98 and 99 overall.

In all, 15 teams received additional selections after losing more or better compensatory free agents (CFA) than it acquired last year based on a formula.

The Rams lost Derek Carrier, Cody Davis, Trumaine Johnson and Sammy Watkins, while signing no compensatory free agents. (The free agents the Rams signed were released by other teams and not compensatory free agents.)

The Patriots lost Danny Amendola, Johnson Bademosi, Malcolm Butler, Cameron Fleming, Dion Lewis and Nate Solder as CFAs. They signed CFAs Adrian Clayborn and Jeremy Hill.

Washington (96th overall), Carolina (100th) and Baltimore (102nd) each received one third-round pick.

In the fourth round, Indianapolis (No. 135 overall), Dallas (136), Atlanta (137) and Philadelphia (138) get extra selections.

The Giants (No. 171 overall), Atlanta (172) and Washington (173) received extra fifth-rounders.

In the sixth round, the Patriots (No. 205), Washington (206), Arizona (207), Philadelphia (208), Minnesota (209), Cincinnati (210, 211 and 213), San Francisco (212) and Kansas City (214) got additional picks.

In the seventh round, the Vikings (No. 247, 250), Cardinals (248, 249, 254), Rams (251), Patriots (252) and Washington (253) all received extra choices.