Radja Nainggolan: “Belgian footballer” mistaken for terrorist in Antwerp hotel

Radja Nainggolan: Belgian footballer mistaken for terrorist in Antwerp hotel

Belgian international Radja Nainggolan was mistaken for a terrorist in Antwerp on Tuesday night, by hotel guests.

Radja Nainggolan, 27, was in Belgium after his side’s friendly against Spain was cancelled due to security concerns in the wake of the Paris attacks.

He returned to his home city of Antwerp after the postponement, prompting guests at a Radisson hotel to call the police after mistaking the midfielder for a terrorist.

Upon their arrival, the police realised the error and posed for a photo with the player, who took it all in his stride.

‘Apparently, I have a scary look,’ Nainggolan told Belgian paper La Derniere Heure.

‘Fortunately the police recognized me immediately.’

  • pizzagorgonzola

    “Belgian footballer“ ???

    why the quotes ???

    he is a Belgian footballer, NO QUOTES !!!

  • pizzagorgonzola

    not belgian enough for you as well maybe ??

  • pizzagorgonzola

    FYI, he was born in belgium, his mom is belgian, he is belgian, he plays for the national team, and he is brilliant, that STUPID tourist called the police on him and the most famous belgian actor whose first movie got nominated for an OSCAR !! ignorant people if u ask me !!