Publix brawl over chicken wing sends one man to jail “Watch”

Updated: September 25, 2015
Publix brawl over chicken wing sends one man to jail - Watch

A violent brawl broke out at a Publix deli in Temple Terrance, Florida, earlier this month after a customer confronted another shopper because he didn’t like the way he was speaking to a female employee.

Video recorded Sept. 16 shows shoppers exchanging blows in the deli section of a Temple Terrace Publix after one customer was reportedly rude to an employee.

Raleigh Harris, 59, was ordering chicken when he got into a verbal disagreement with an employee. Fellow shopper Leon Travis Lightbody, 25, was trying to stand up for the employee when things escalated and the two men started fighting.

Judging from the video, a woman and other customers tried to jump in with their own kicks and punches while the two men scuffled on the floor. Publix employees are seen trying to pull the customers apart.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s County records show that Lightbody was charged with battery on Sept. 18. Lightbody also has charges against him related to theft, trafficking stolen property, burglary and fraud.

Publix released a statement to WFTS saying, in part, that officials there were “very disappointed” that the situation escalated the way it did, but they were glad no one was seriously hurt.

Back in July, video went viral online of two men fighting in a Baldwin Park Publix, allegedly over a confrontation one man had with the other man’s pregnant wife.