Protest Die In Grand Central Station : Eric Garner’s last words become protesters’ rallying cry

Updated: December 4, 2014
Protest Die In Grand Central Station : Eric Garner's last words become protesters' rallying cry

Demonstrators staged ‘die-ins’ in Grand Central Terminal, Columbus Circle, West Side Highway and outside Radio City Music Hall late Wednesday to highlight the death of Eric Garner, who was choked July 17 during an NYPD arrest. Riot gear-clad NYPD officers were out in force blocking demonstrators from storming bridges and tunnels.

The concept of the die-in isn’t new — they’ve been used in countless protests over unarmed citizens slain by police officers, notably in the recent uproar over Ferguson and the killing of Michael Brown. The concept is every bit as simple as it is striking — take to a heavily trafficked area, drop to the ground, and lie there like a prone corpse. And as far as heavily trafficked areas for an act of high-profile protest, it doesn’t get much better than Grand Central Station.