‘Price Is Right’ Model Fall and Break the Set ‘Watch’

'Price Is Right' Model Fall and Break the Set - Watch
'Price Is Right' Model Fall and Break the Set - Watch

The Price Is Right model Amber tripped over the set while celebrating contestant Leah winning a pair of ATVs on Friday’s episode, and smashed a lightbulb that jutted out from the set.

Amber Lancaster was just doing her thing and helping a contestant choose the right price tag to win some four-wheelers, but once the win is announced and Drew Carey attempts to move on to another game, Amber manages to trip. She falls back and ends up shattering one of the glass bulbs on the set, a bulb that likely costs hundreds of dollars given some of the prices we see on the show.

She’s clearly embarrassed by the gaffe, but everybody has a good laugh on the stage — except for the contestant who seems about as shock as she could be. You’d think Amber tripped and stepped on a stray cat standing just off stage, sending blood gushing as her heel pushes through its tiny head. Certainly makes all the laughter after the fact seem a little cold and odd. That’s the model way, though.