Pregnant Cheryl talks depression and parenting on TV

Pregnant Cheryl talks depression and parenting on TV
Pregnant Cheryl talks depression and parenting on TV

Pregnant Cheryl opens up about depression battle in first tv appearance.

The singer – who has been announced as an ambassador of children’s charity Childline – revealed during an appearance on The One Show on Wednesday night that she can relate to young people with problems due to her own experiences.

Cheryl, 33, says she was a relentless worrier as an adolescent and was actually often very unhappy.

‘I worried about everything,’ the Girls Aloud star confessed.

‘I was quite a depressed teenager. I didn’t enjoy my teenage years.’

Chezza grew up on a council estate in Newcastle and was clearly quite sensitive, admitting that she used to bring injured pigeons home to try and look after them.

She also found herself fretting due to concerns she felt both at home and at school.

‘The pressure of your parents wanting you to do well in your exams, the pressure of school wanting you to do well…’ she explained.

‘There’s a lot of stuff going on. I wouldn’t go back to my teenage years for love nor money.’

In the past Cheryl has spoken of the troubles she faced in her youth, including seeing others in her local area battle drug issues.

Nowadays the star is able to support her young fans through their own difficulties and admits that it can be tough to hear what they’re going through.

Speaking about self harm, Cheryl said: ’It breaks my heart to think that you’re in that much pain that you’d harm yourself.’

She’s also keen to show to her followers that, as she is proof of, it’s possible to come through tough patches and be okay.

‘I’m not ashamed that I’ve been through hard times and made mistakes,’ the former X Factor judge admitted. ‘It’s important that people don’t expect to live a perfect life.’

Thankfully it looks like Cheryl is now in a happy place in her life.

The singer has been at the centre of speculation that she could be pregnant with hers and boyfriend Liam Payne’s first child, but kept schtum about this on the show.

Instead she simply said: ‘I’m great, I’m happy.’

Glad to hear it, Chezza!