Polish Town Winnie The Pooh : Polish Playground Bans Pooh Because ‘It Doesn’t Wear Underpants!’

Polish Town Winnie The Pooh : Polish Playground Bans Pooh Because 'It Doesn't Wear Underpants!'
Polish Town Winnie The Pooh : Polish Playground Bans Pooh Because 'It Doesn't Wear Underpants!'

Polish town bans Winnie the Pooh over ‘dubious sexuality’, Members of the local council in Tuszyn nixed Pooh Bear as a candidate to be the face of a new play area, criticizing the beloved bear for his lack of wardrobe and genitalia, according to The Independent.

During a local council meeting in the small town of Tuszyn, the beloved bear’s attire and lack of genitalia were hotly debated by several councillors, who insisted Winnie the Pooh was an inappropriate role model for young children because he was a hermaphrodite.

A leaked tape of the council meeting showed one councillor, a woman, saying: “Anyone who knows Winnie the Pooh knows he has no sex [genitalia]”.

The counsellor was adamant that her peers should also be educated about the origins of poor hermaphrodite Pooh and his creator, AA Milne.
“Ladies and gentleman, I would like to tell you a little about the author,” she declared.

“When the author turned 60, he cut off his [Pooh’s] testicles with a rusty razor blade because of his own identity issues.”

Councillor Ryszard Cichy compared Winnie the Pooh to a much-loved Polish bear, Misio Uszatek, who he said was a better choice as representative of the playground because he was fully dressed.

“Looking at both of these bears [Misio Uszatek and Winnie the Pooh] one is completely dressed while the other is only dressed from the top up,” Mr Ciszy said during the meeting.

“It is half-naked, which means it is completely inappropriate for children”.

But a survey of local residents by Polish news program TTV revealed that not everyone considered the state of Pooh’s undress a problem.
“It is ridiculous that law officials are wasting their time on such issues,” one woman said.

Another man compared Pooh’s “low intellect” to that of the councillors, saying: “Winnie the Pooh was a bear with low intellect, and unfortunately, this is also evident in those who are concerned with this topic”.

“I’ve even written a poem that represents this discussion — ‘Winnie the Pooh is an alcoholic and a liar. He walks with no underwear and has cut off his testicles’. [This rhymes in Polish].

Seeking answers from the unnamed female counsellor, a Polish journalist was told she was too “argumentative” and that she did not “understand anything” before having the door shut in her face.

Unfortunately, Pooh is not the only victim of the political correctness movement.

Enid Blyton’s characters appear to have suffered the most, with Noddy axed for sleeping in the same bed as Big Ears [read: being gay], and now, The Faraway Tree’s “Dick and Fanny” have been turned into “Rick and Frannie” to spare the delicate sensibilities of small children.

Even the ABC’s beloved Peppa Pig has not been spared: columnist Piers Akerman called her a “feminist” pushing a “left-wing bias”.

As for poor old Winnie the Pooh, his (Polish) fate — and dress code — is now in the hands of local council, so intent on preserving the sexual morality of its small town that it has overlooked one point: that children don’t care.