Plague deaths in Colorado : Fleas To Blame For Disease’s Second Victim This Year?

Plague deaths in Colorado : Fleas To Blame For Disease's Second Victim This Year?

The plague has killed a second person this year in the US state of Colorado.

Health officials believe the unnamed individual may have contracted the disease from fleas on a dead rodent.

Cases of the plague in humans are exceptionally rare in the US, with about seven reported each year on average.

However, eight cases were reported in Colorado alone during 2014.

In June, a 16-year-old passed away in Larimer County, and health officials only determined that he had suffered from septicemic plague after his death.

It is understood that the latest victim in Pueblo County had a similar type of the disease.

Experts find it difficult to detect and diagnose the septicemic strain of the plague as the sufferer’s glands do not swell.

An investigation is continuing, and Pueblo County residents are being urged to report any unusual instances of rabbits and prairie dogs “dying off”.