Pico Rivera : Walmart protest produces 23 arrests

Updated: November 15, 2014
Pico Rivera : Walmart protest produces 23 arrests

23 arrested during Pico Rivera Walmart protest, About 300 protesters gathered near the store in the 8500 block of Washington Boulevard over working conditions and compensation. A sit-down strike was also held inside the store.

Shouting “Si Se Puede” and “No justice, no peace,” as well as singing along to a recording of John Lennon’s “Power To The People,” the protesters also included sheet metal workers, nurses and retail employees.

“The plight of laborers is a moral one,” said retired Methodist Pastor Bill Miller, who was among the marchers. “Workers are left out of the economic gains that corporations like Walmart enjoy.”

Pastors from First United Methodist Church and Whittier First Friends Church and All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, were arrested.

“This group of protesters’ objective (was) not to disrupt, but to protest its issues with Walmart,” Capt. Allen Castellano said.

“They have every constitutional right to march on the public sidewalks, but once they enter the roadway, that becomes a public safety issue,” he added.

It was the third year in a row UFCWIU members picketed the nation’s largest retailer’s Pico Rivera supercenter.

“The overwhelming majority of the protesters involved don’t work for Walmart,” spokesman Kory Lundberg said. “Walmart is proud to be a company of opportunities, where our associates can build careers and provide for their families.”