PFT’s Week 17 best bets – (News)

PFT’s Week 17 best bets –

This year, we’ve tried for the first time to pick games against the spread. It hasn’t been easy.

But that hasn’t stopped up from trying. Every week, MDS and I have been picking three games each against the spread, including a three-game Thanksgiving bonus that died more quickly than a turkey at the chopping block.

Last week, MDS went 3-0 and I went 2-1, with the difference being the Eagles not covering a small spread. (He had Houston, I had Philly.) This week, with the motivations and plans of most teams unclear, which underscores the importance of only wagering discretionary funds, we’re trying on more time to crack the code and beat the numbers.

We’ll keep trying for the 11 postseason games. And maybe for the Pro Bowl. Because someone will surely be betting on that one, even if no one ever should.

For our six total picks for Week 17, check out the video. And enjoy the only day of the regular season when all 32 teams play.