Peyton McCaughey: Boy hospitalized after termite fumigation at home ‘Watch’

Peyton McCaughey : Boy hospitalized after termite fumigation at home

Peyton McCaughey turned 10 Thursday in Miami Children’s Hospital, barely able to turn his head, unable to stand up or talk.

His family says the nightmare began when Terminix gave them the okay to return to their home after it was tented.

“They returned home at 7 o’clock, bed time is 8 or 8:30, so he went to bed around that time, and the symptoms started at about three in the morning,” Peyton’s uncle Ed Gribben said.

The entire family says they got sick. But Peyton’s symptoms continue to get worse.

“They noticed Peyton was kind of losing some of his motor skills. He wasn’t able to stand on his own. His eyes were rolling around,” Peyton’s uncle said.

That was on August 17. Peyton was first taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center where he was in the ICU for nine days.

He’s since been transferred to a hospital in Miami.

“He is very much in a jellyfish-like state. He doesn’t have the muscle control to control his own body,” Gribben said.

Gribben blames Terminix, the pest control company the family says they contacted to tent their house. They believe chemicals remained in the home.

According to the family’s attorney, Terminix contracted with a West Palm Beach company called SunLand to actually do the tenting job.

“They just continue to be non responsive and won’t accept responsibility. And that is pretty frustrating. They are disregarding the human element of it to try and protect themselves,” Gribben said.

Gribben and the family’s attorney claim the company has not been forthcoming about what chemicals were used.

“It could have potentially helped to know what chemicals were used…would have helped the doctors treat it then. But they chose not to respond for whatever reason,” Gribben said.

A Terminix spokesman released this statement: “We were saddened to learn of this and our hearts are with the family. We are carefully reviewing the matter.”

An attorney for the contractor SunLand did not return calls for comment.

The Environmental Protection Agency says they have a criminal investigations division, but they will not confirm or deny whether it is investigating.

Meanwhile, the family is struggling because both of Peyton’s parents have not been able to work while they stay by their son’s side.

Peyton’s mom Lori is an assistant principal at Martin County High School and his dad Carl works for the family’s remodeling business.

“They’ve got a real threat of lack of income. It is going to be a real problem very soon,” Gribben said.

Players Lamar Miller, Olivier Vernon, and Jarvis Landry visited Peyton at the Miami hospital.

According to a Dolphins’ spokesman, they brought gifts including a signed football, jersey, teddy bear, and other items.

Players say Peyton was thrilled by their visit.