Pennsylvania Holiday Display : Man ‘terrorizing’ neighbors with hostile holiday display

Updated: December 21, 2014
Pennsylvania Holiday Display : Man 'terrorizing' neighbors with hostile holiday display

Pennsylvania holiday display: Neighbor uses hostile and vile display as grudge, Homeowners on Fairley Road in Ross Township say their neighbor Bill Ansell is terrorizing them year round with his hostile anti-Christmas spirit.

“Any opportunity he has to make our life a hardship, he does,” resident Chris Hebda told ABC ‘ “20/20” of his neighbor Bill Ansell.

For the past six years, neighbors say Ansell has displayed the unpleasant decorations in his front yard, which falls in the center of the street’s cul-de-sac, making it almost impossible to ignore.

“There was a Virgin Mary here, and he placed a knife through her head, right there on the edge of our driveway,” Joanne Hebda told “20/20.” “I thought it was a terroristic threat.”

Ross Township has repeatedly fined Ansell for code violations and has ordered him to clean up his yard and take down vulgar signs posted on the property, but the orders have been ignored.

Years ago, Ansell was known for his dazzling light display. But he apparently soured after a neighbor requested that he tone down the lights. Now his neighbors feel trapped in their homes, unable to sell and with friends and family unwilling to visit.

“You’re a prisoner on your own street right now,” neighbor Tom White said. “It may come down to just leave the house empty and move.”