Patrick Kane’s accuser dropped by lawyer – Watch

Updated: September 25, 2015
Patrick Kane's accuser dropped by lawyer - Watch

The lawyer for Patrick Kane’s accuser quit the case because he said he no longer believes the story he was told about how an evidence bag ended up with the accuser’s mother.

Quoted from the accuser’s lawyer: “My investigation indicates (the bag) may have been represented to me in manner I don’t have confidence in.”

Earlier today, Stephen A. Smith of Sirius XM Radio and ESPN’s First Take gave his opinion on the situation, most notably ripping the NHL for not having a domestic violence policy in place. He also made some other choice comments which we will not form an opinion on, but rather provide them to you as quoted directly by him.

“The Ray Rice’s and Greg Hardy’s of the world – and as it pertains to child abuse, the Adrian Peterson’s of the world – and others, have their issues illuminated and brought into the spotlight in such a degree they’re probably talking about this in other continents, for crying out loud, he said. “But this white dude over here, Patrick Kane, he gets to just go on, and go on, while the case is still being investigated.”