Panda Tackles Man: Footage of man wrestling panda in zoo goes viral (Watch)

Updated: October 31, 2016
Panda Tackles Man: Footage of man wrestling panda in zoo goes viral (Watch)

Video footage of a man who wrestled with a giant panda bear after breaking into a zoo enclosure in southern China went viral over the weekend.

A man visiting a zoo in Nanchang in east Jiangxi province, China, was caught on camera leaping into a giant panda’s enclosure reportedly to impress some female friends.

CCTV footage shows a man sneaking into the enclosure and petting the sleeping 260lb animal, Mei Ling. However, before he could get away, the panda suddenly arose from its slumber and grabbed his leg. The 12-year-old panda maintained a tight grip around the intruder and knocked him to the ground.

Ling then proceeded to sit on him.

The showdown went on for almost five minutes before the intruder was able to break free and run for his life.

“The young man left the zoo right after he escaped and we could not get in touch with him,” said Kuang Huaming, the deputy head of zoo management. “According to witnesses, his trousers were torn a little by the panda, but the man should be OK. On the other hand, we also arranged medical checks for the panda and told the breeders to closely observe its condition. So far the panda is fine.”

While pandas are not known for their ferocity towards humans, this particular incident is a strong reminder that they are indeed wild animals who can turn vicious if disturbed.