Pamela Anderson: Actress Says She’s Never Getting Married Again

Pamela Anderson: Actress Says She's Never Getting Married Again
Pamela Anderson: Actress Says She's Never Getting Married Again

In the aftermath of her three divorces Pamela Anderson doesn’t think that marriage has anything to offer her. ET reported on Nov. 23, 2015, Anderson says that she doesn’t plan to ever get married again. She says she has been married enough times.

The former Baywatch beauty has been married to three men, rocker Tommy Lee, musician Kid Rock, and film producer Rick Salomon, whom she wed and split from twice, including their divorce in April (15), after a year of marriage.

But Pamela is adamant walking down the aisle is not an option for her in the future, as the blonde has decided she is not meant to be a wife.

“Marriage is hard,” she admits to Entertainment Tonight. “I’m not doing it anymore. I’ve done it enough. For my age, I’ve just done so much it’s not even on my radar. I’m not even going to date until after Christmas.”

The 48 year old is so focused on putting her marriage behind her that she’s selling off the engagement ring Rick gave her in an auction to benefit her charity foundation, along with her iconic red bathing suit from Baywatch.

When asked why she was selling the items, she says, “I’m never going to wear them again. Not the ring, anyway. I’ve worn the suit a few times. I jumped in the shower and saved a few men in my life just around my house. It still fits.”

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