Paintball Gun War: US Police Call for CeaseFire – Details

Paintball Gun War: US Police Call for CeaseFire - Details
Paintball Gun War: US Police Call for CeaseFire - Details

New Haven Police call for cease-fire in dangerous Paintball Gun War.

The New Haven Police Department on Friday issued a warning that many paintball guns resemble assault-style weapons and officers can’t quickly determine if the guns are real when answering emergency calls.

Police this week have responded to a dozen calls about shootings in which paintball and BB guns were involved. They say some of the incidents have resulted in serious injuries and other incidents have led them to engage in dangerous pursuits.

A 10-year-old girl was shot in the head by a BB gun on Thursday.

Police also are concerned the gunbattles being conducted mostly by teenagers involved in turf or gang disputes will escalate into the use of real weapons.

Paintball is a game developed in the 1980s in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with dye-filled, breakable, oil and gelatin paintballs, or pellets, usually shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed air (Nitrogen) powered “paintball marker”. The game is regularly played at a sporting level with organized competition involving major tournaments, professional teams, and players.

Paintball technology is also used by military forces, law enforcement, para-military and security organizations to supplement military training, as well as playing a role in riot response, and non-lethal suppression of dangerous suspects.

Games can be played on indoor or outdoor fields of varying sizes. A game field is scattered with natural or artificial terrain, which players use for tactical cover. Game types in paintball vary, but can include capture the flag, elimination, ammunition limits, defending or attacking a particular point or area, or capturing objects of interest hidden in the playing area. Depending on the variant played, games can last from seconds to hours, or even days in scenario play.