Paige Yore: Woman’s terrible shopping experience at Walmart goes viral ‘Watch’

Paige Yore: Woman's terrible shopping experience at Walmart goes viral
Paige Yore: Woman's terrible shopping experience at Walmart goes viral

Paige Yore experienced a heart-wrenching moment at a Colorado Walmart on Friday, and now her Facebook video about it is going viral.

In a video, which has been viewed more than 11million times, Paige Yore said she was in a queue behind a young checkout operator who seemed to be having a hard time.

‘He can’t ring anything up, he can’t remember the codes, he’s taking deep breaths,’ she said.

But the woman in front of her wasn’t so sympathetic, telling him: ‘You suck at customer service! I don’t know why you ever, I don’t know how you ever got hired here.’

Things got worse when the woman’s card was declined.

Paige recalled: ‘Then she really lays into this kid, like it’s his fault, he can’t run the computer, and “there’s money in my account, I just transferred it in, it’s your dumbass that can’t,” and goes off on this kid.’

When Paige stepped in, the boy began sobbing.

‘He comes around the bagging area and he just hugs me,’ she said.

He then went on to say: ‘Ma’am, my mom just committed suicide this morning… and I have to work because I have to pay our rent, and I have to pay our bills.

‘And I don’t even have a mom anymore. And this lady is just yelling at me.’

Paige, herself very emotional, said: ‘That really just shows me that no matter what… don’t jump down their throat because they are fighting a battle that none of us know about.

‘We just have to be thankful to be alive, and treat people like you want to be treated. Don’t lay into somebody like that because you never know what’s going on in their life.’

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