Paige WWE : most embarrassing Divas moments

Paige WWE : most embarrassing Divas moments

The WWE divas division has been in a precarious situation for a long time now. AJ Lee apparently was the only good thing that was in the division until Paige came along recently in what is looking like the company’s attempt to get back some credibility.

However, though many categorize the current state as an embarrassment for the glorious past, there have been certain moments from that same past which were more embarrassing than what the divas are going through now.

Since the Diva’s division is on a verge of being swept away by a change, let’s take a moment to look back into some moments which might make us think that the PG Era respects the women better.

No one likes to be teased about their weight, especially women, but it’s a limit that the WWE broke. The “talented” writers came up with idea of making a storyline around it.

And the victim was Mickie James.

The writers made Layla and Michelle McCool humiliate Mickie about her weight and made many references which literally embarrassed Mickie. The whole feud was build up around Mickie and her weight, but she wasn’t overweight in the first place which made it took more lame.

Despite being the talented wrestler she is, Mickie had to go through such things which she later revealed was one of the reasons why she left WWE in the first place.