Oregon Man Robbed Arby’s Date : Perfect Gentleman Takes Date To Arby’s, Gets Robbed

Updated: November 9, 2014
Oregon Man Robbed Arby’s Date : Perfect Gentleman Takes Date To Arby's, Gets Robbed

Oregon man robbed: Arby’s date turns into fast food felony, no fries on side, Jeffrey Mack, 23, of North Plains, Oregon went to meet Heather Dureen Hegre, 20, in person after chatting with her on Meetme.com. The two met at a local Arby’s restaurant around 10 p.m., The Oregonian reports.

After Hegre got into Mack’s vehicle, the couple went through the drive-thru, where Mack bought Hegre a milkshake. Mack handed the window clerk a $5 bill and received two $1 bills in change, which he put back in his wallet, on the center console.

Hegre then grabbed the wallet, opened the vehicle’s passenger door and ran across the parking lot, police say.

Mack called 911 and police were ultimately able to track Hegre down to her minivan. Inside, police found Mack’s wallet along with hypodermic needles, two jars of hash oil, marijuana pipes, a scale and a pill bottle of a material suspected to be methamphetamine.

“The two $1 bills were still in the wallet,” said Sgt. Dan Kraus, Wilsonville Police Department spokesman. “That was all the money he had.”

Police arrested Hegre. She faces charges related to the theft as well as drug possession.