Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton Blames Bipolar Depression For Prostitution – Watch

Sex was the biggest high,' Suzy Favor Hamilton says in new book
Sex was the biggest high,' Suzy Favor Hamilton says in new book

Three-time track and field Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton is opening up about her double life as a Las Vegas call girl.

In a sneak peek of the 20/20 interview that airs Friday, Hamilton came clean about her past, talking about how she staged her fall at the 2000 Sydney Games and her quick transition into prostitution.

“That was that light bulb moment in my head. Wow, why shouldn’t I get paid for sex? This guy does, the escort. This would be fun,” she says.

Vargas spoke to 27 News about her interview with Favor Hamilton and what she hopes to gain by revealing her darkest secrets.

“To give people courage to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and keep on that walk of life. To keep trying because you can find forgiveness and redemption at the end if you work on it,” says Vargas.

Also for the first time, Favor Hamilton’s husband, Mark, talked about standing by his wife.

“I know what she’s doing. It bothers me. I raised my objections, but she’s gonna do it anyway.”

“The whole family has been through an incredibly difficult time,” says Vargas. “They’re trying rebuild. They’re not all the way there yet.”

Favor Hamilton also talked to Vargas about the support she received from her community in the Madison area.

You can find out all about her journey to recovery in her new book “Fast Girl”, set to be released September 14.