Officials should not have penalized Joe Haden for PI – (News)

Officials should not have penalized Joe Haden for PI –

The penalty already has started a social media firestorm, with everyone trying to figure out what Steelers cornerback Joe Haden did to draw a pass interference penalty against the Saints.

Haden vehemently disputed the call, which cost the Steelers the ball and ultimately a touchdown.

Gene Steratore, a rules analyst for CBS, weighed in on Twitter. The former NFL referee said it was a bad call.

“Even though Joe Haden did have a hand on the receiver prior to the ball being there, he should not have been penalized for pass interference on this play,” Steratore wrote. “This contact did not effect the receiver and is not severe enough to warrant a flag.”

Haden’s penalty came on fourth-and-one after Drew Brees could find no open receiver. The Saints quarterback chunked the ball into the end zone toward Alvin Kamara. Haden was penalized 33 yards to the 1-yard line, where Melvin Ingram cashed in with a touchdown on the next play.