‘Off The Grid’ Parents faces hearing to regain custody of 10 children

'Off The Grid' Parents faces hearing to regain custody of 10 children

‘Off-the-Grid’ Parents Lose Custody of 10 Kids for Now.

A couple who says their family lives a primitive lifestyle, off the grid, in rural Breckinridge County were in court Tuesday to face criminal charges

Nicole Naugler is charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Joe Naugler is charged with menacing.

The Nauglers have depended upon neighbors’ private wells or municipal hookups for their drinking water, but on May 3, one neighbor turned down Joe Naugler and he was asked to leave the her property. That neighbor told WAVE 3 News that Naugler then told his son to retrieve a pistol from the glove compartment of their car. The alleged incident prompted the menacing charge.

Nicole Naugler was arrested on May 6 after confronting a Breckinridge County sheriff’s deputy who was trying to question her children. CPS later moved the Nauglers’ children into foster homes for reasons that are unclear.

The Naugler family lives mostly outdoors in a wood frame covered by tarps. Their children do not attend formal schools. Their Facebook page contains posts that allude to a “free-schooling” approach to education in which parents provide “life lessons” to each child at his or her own pace.

The Nauglers are scheduled to appear in court again on the custody issue on Monday, May 18. Joe Naugler will be back in court on the menacing charge on Tuesday, May 26. Nicole Naugler has a pre-trial conference scheduled for Monday, July 6.