Odell Beckham remains out of practice for Giants – (News)

Odell Beckham remains out of practice for Giants –

The Giants were adamant that they would not consider shutting down wide receiver Odell Beckham with a quad injury over the final month of another losing season, so they ruled him out each of the last three weeks while keeping him on the active roster.

It looks like they’ll make it four for four. Beckham is out of practice yet again on Thursday and he’ll almost certainly be ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Cowboys.

Barring the unlikeliest turn of events of the year, Beckham will end the year with 77 catches for 1,052 yards and six touchdowns. If one were to push that production out over a 16-game span, the numbers would look a lot like the first three years of Beckham’s career and that’s in line with what the Giants were hoping to get when they signed him to an extension this offseason.

They also got what they hoped for from rookie running back Saquon Barkley, but the overall offensive production wasn’t where it needed to be to avoid a second-straight year at the bottom of the NFC East and figuring out how to make the big picture a better one should be the top priority of the offseason.